Walnut is the premier choice of woodworkers around the world, thanks to its exceptional dark lustre and rich, smooth grain. We carefully steam our Walnut to soften the contrast between Walnut's natural dark heartwood and bright white sapwood. A spectacular Specie in every respect, Walnut truly sets the standard for high-end design
Superior Grade Walnut

Superior Grade Walnut

Technical Properties

  • Latin name: Juglans nigra
  • 3.46 lbs per boardfoot KD         (665 kgs/m3)
  • Kiln Dried to 6-8% Moisture Content 

Application Guide

  • ***** Machining 
  • **** Nailing
  • **** Screwing
  • **** Gluing
  • ***** Finishing

BING Walnut Products

  • Lumber - special Superior grading and color selection available
  • Strips
  • Dimensions
  • Glulams for residential and commercial windows

Main Uses for Walnut Lumber

  • Furniture
  • Contrast Inlays
  • Architectural millwork and moulding
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Paneling
  • Flooring
  • High-class Joinery
  • Carving
  • Musical Instruments