Service Highlight: Rip 1 Edge and Rip 2 Edges

May 27th, 2020

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Rip 2 Edge
Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc

Service Highlight: Rip 1 Edge and Rip 2 Edges

Bingaman Lumber is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, a variety of Species, and most importantly value added services to help our customers. In the last Service Highlight Series we addressed Surface Two Sides, a prepping service where we convert both sides of rough lumber to smooth, near-finished surfaces. In this highlight, we are focusing on Ripped Hardwood.

Bingaman provides both a Ripped One Edge and Ripped Two Edge service. We work closely with our customers to determine their needs, and in suggesting and providing the best hardwood options, we take a look at several key factors.

Understanding our customers' existing ripping capabilities, labor, and manufacturing bottleneck. In the past we’ve dealt with customers who were basing orders on their internal capacity either on an older ripping machine or a standard table saw. By thoroughly understanding the current process, Bingaman can assess the potential benefit to ordering already-ripped product. Additionally, by better understanding customers’ manufacturing bottlenecks, Bingaman can assist in delivering a molder-ready blank that can be fed directly into the molder or shaper. This can be during busy periods or as standard operations.

Bingaman works to better understand customers' current yields. Many customers rely on their saw's scanning technology to determine yields. This is not an accurate measurement of true yield. It’s important to understand the true yield so you can better minimize waste. By measuring the full lumber input into production then comparing it to the available fiber after ripping, many customers find a big discrepancy between their scanning technology and the true yield. By taking advantage of Bingaman’s ripping services customers save on waste and shipping costs, while improving manufacturing efficiencies.

Ordering Ripped hardwood lumber from Bingaman helps to quantify the cost of part production. Internal ripping comes with a certain amount of cost variations spanning from labor, waste, and machinery. Customers who take advantage of Bingaman’s ripping service have a fixed external price that does not have the inherent variations. This is an important aspect to determine the cost certainty of manufacturing a specific project or product.

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