Service Highlight: Cut To Length

June 24th, 2020

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Cut To Length
cut to length

Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc

Service Highlight: Cut To Length

Bingaman Lumber strives to be more than just a supplier, but a partner resource. One of the main challenges that face many of our customers is trying to smooth out the manufacturing process, especially with customers that face large peaks and troughs in demand. Bingaman’s Cut-to-Length services help to smooth out uncertainty.

We work with our customers to learn their specific needs. By evaluating our customers’ manufacturing processes, we can better analyze and suggest how we can truly add value to the process. It begins with the Species, but ends with the exact finish and dimensions. Delivering a product that is ready for the final cut, sanding, and assembly drastically reduces our customers’ lead times, inventory needs, raw material waste, machine maintenance and of course labor costs.

Whether you're in need of a temporary solution due to demand spikes, down machinery, or just want to learn more about how Bingaman Lumber’s Cut-to-Length services can help achieve a leaner manufacturing process, give us a call. Our success depends upon ensuring yours.

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