Sustainable Energy at Bingaman

While the world dithers about a sustainable future, we've long been doing our part to make it happen.

Our commitment: it's not just talk.


In 2014, our Kreamer facility expanded the use of sustainable energy by investing in a 187.88 kWp solar array.

Laid out on the south-facing roof area of Sheds 4 and 5, the array came online in January 2015.

Today, solar energy contributes about 25% of the electricity needed to manufacture our Strips and Dimensions, as well as operate our Planer.

"Expand" our use of sustainable energy, you ask? Read on....


For decades here in Kreamer, our kilns and our buildings have been heated by converting sawdust, collected from our various manufacturing activities.

Our recovery system is state-of-the-art. Nothing is wasted.

Electric hand dryers? Plastic shopping bags? What impact do your choices make? Bingaman owners and employees choose true sustainability, from resources that dawn every day, that grow back.

Bring on sunnier days!

2016 YTD Yield - BING Kreamer Solar Array

As of Friday 04 November 2016. Find us on Sunny Portal