Wenturine Bros Lumber joins the BSL family of companies


Memo from: Chris Bingaman

18 May 2015

I am pleased to announce that, as of 15 May 2015, Wenturine Bros Lumber Co in Nicktown PA has joined the Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc family of companies. Wenturine Bros Lumber (WBL) employs a dedicated and experienced work force who has an established reputation for superior quality throughout their production process

Additionally, their geographical location expands our access to an abundant timber base so we are confident this acquisition will increase our capacity to serve customers in the woodworking industry. The staff at Wenturine will report to VP of Sawmills, Bob Shields

BING WBL saws approximately 75,000 boardfeet (178m3) of Hardwood Logs per week, with a strong emphasis on Red Oak, Cherry and Soft Maple

Additionally, BING WBL hosts inspections for both domestic and international log buyers